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Entrepreneurship: How does Business & Management Degree help?

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Do entrepreneurs need the additional qualification for business? The debate continues with the argument in favour and against. Some say having the business degree is not always necessary. However, the proponents of business and management degree argue in favour showing the advantages. They say business learning have created opportunities for many professionals. The market-oriented course design of the degree programme has helped individuals to gain key skills for playing the management role. As the competition intensifies to grab the opportunity, obtaining relevant knowledge is gradually being considered essential. A manager within a company has to face many challenges. But the manager must possess the ability to confront those obstacles and steering the company to success. Hence, the learning programme which develops the similar quality among the aspirant managers is substantial in the current market trend. It bridges the gap between the skilled workforce and the industry.

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Industry & Individual Demand

As the demand for the skilled managers grows across the industries, professionals also intend to hold the key management position. The quest to obtain high position has prompted many to take professional learning for cognizance of business and develop the ability to perform in the trade industry. With the knowledge of business and management degree, jobs ranging from administration, finance, HR, Account and many more could be found.

So people who intend to set-up own business can also take essential learning to run own enterprise. But education programmes like business and management degree actually are essential for one who want to trade?
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Business Learning: Yes Or No 

With juggling mind, whether the higher study is imperative for business, the closer look to world's some of the successful business persons might surprise us all. Richard Branson, Dave Thomas, David Green and several others have imprinted their mark in the business world. Interestingly, these businessmen do not have business degrees. Nevertheless, they have proved their worth to the whole world. It's evident from the success of this businessman, to excel one need true intention, real dedication and motivation.

Entrepreneurship & Economy

Entrepreneurship can create prospects for the economy. Besides, one enterprise may lead to progress for the other business firms as well. In many business conferences and exhibitions, regional, national and international, the B2B networking helps the companies to grow with business collaborations. Moreover, entrepreneurship creates employability. To run the organisation entrepreneurs recruit employees. As the enterprise progresses, more job opportunities are created and a number of people are hired further. Abreast, small businesses also make revenue from the big and medium businesses.

Business Knowledge Does Help

Though many businessmen managed to achieve success without commercial education, but in the current business market, commerce and management knowledge play substantial role to gain essential skills. With a business and management degree, jobs could be earned and entrepreneurs could develop the idea for business operation. So, if you are thinking of owning a business, you can select desired business learning from accredited university or college. The study contains core essentials of the business and management. The comprehensive and live education make the learning compact for the learner.

Monday, 21 December 2015

Why Global Leaders Do Not Consider Education As An Emergency?

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Education has never been considered as an emergency, especially in developing and least developed countries, though everybody knows how important education is for the development of any economy. There is a need to change the way many underprivileged people perceive education.

Previous week, the UNESCO’s annual monitoring report into the millennium goals for education was
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launched in the UK. The millennium goals for education initiative include the promise that every child across the world would have a place in primary school by 2015.

The date is fast approaching but it does not seem that there is any chance of that promise to be kept.

According to the recent ‘Education for All’ report, almost 57 million children never start school and extra hundreds of millions get such low quality lessons that they pass out school hardly with a skill to ably read a sentence.

If the people thought this is a syndrome infecting the lives of a large population, there must be calls for urgent remedies. But, the deliberate, menacing deterioration of literacy, unawareness and detachment continues decade after decade.
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 In 1990, the international community assured that primary education for all would reach underprivileged 

population by 2000. In 2000, the assurance was shifted forward to 2015. And, 24 years after, the promises are being arranged for 2030.

Another 70 years
With the current progress rate, it would not be before 2080s that every child gets an opportunity to attend a primary school. Girls in underprivileged families in sub-Saharan Africa are likely to fail to benefit from primary school education. And, the recent crisis, like Syrian conflict, disrupted the educational prospects of thousands of youngsters in a way that will be felt for decades into the future.
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However, it would be unfair if the achievements made since the launch of millennium goals are left unacknowledged. There has been a sharp decline in the number of out-of-school children, and some countries like Tanzania and Ethiopia have written some success stories in this context.

Some major global partnerships, which include the Global Partnership for Education and UNESCO, are trying their best to do more.

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The UK too can claim credit, as the country is the biggest single direct donor to education offering more funding than other developed economies.

But, the biggest man-made disaster on the earth remains the lack of a quality education or no education for a number of families.

The political risks involving millions of unskilled, illiterate youths with modest employment opportunities can be felt and recognized by one and all.

These kinds of problems are not likely to confine within their own boundaries in today’s mobile, interconnected world.

Slow-moving problem
There are plenty of imminent questions to ask for: why world leaders are not forced to keep their promises? Is it because this is a slow-moving problem? Is it difficult to claim the responsibility? Why governments are not trying to train more teachers, provide them regular salary and construct more classrooms? 

It may sound uncomfortable to know that Nigeria has most out-of-school children in comparison to any other country, but the country boasts of fast-moving market for luxury private jets.
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                                                                           There are some big-spending countries with quality schools like China, but they are mere recipient of education aid rather than a big donor.

Governments in developing countries should take a cure from countries like South Korea and Vietnam that have successfully developed their education systems from scratch very rapidly. Though it may not be simple, but governments should treat the issues as emergency and come out with appropriate plans before it’s too late.

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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Worried of New Student Loan Burden? Switch To Online Learning

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The proposal of Chancellor George Osborne is likely to put burden on the students, intend to pursue higher studies- specifically on the women’s and the students from the poor fiscal background. Recently I came across a report, published in the Sutton Trust, which has confirmed how the freezing the loan of £21,000 for next five years will hit both women and poor students.

I have been in the education profession for quiet some time & now I notice a growing perception among my students, that due to financial burden they may hesitant to enrol for higher studies in the universities. I am sure the situation is same for most of the UK students. As soon as the news spread students hit across streets demanding immediate stop on scrapping the education grant.

While people were busy at criticising and protesting I was thinking for a way out. Now the question arises- how women and poor students can engage to higher education with the burden of new students loan repayment system in UK? In UK Online learning is getting popular gradually for the low cost education system it provides. Let us check how online education can help the students to carry forward their further studies without averting the financial strain.

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Women Are More Affected Due To The Gender Pay Gap

This new study has also confirmed a difference that occurs between the genders, claiming that, women pays back an extra £3,300 on average, compared to £2,300 for men. This is because women tend to have lower earnings and are more likely to be paying back money across the full 30-year borrowing period.

A report, published by the World Economic Forum, has revealed that, women are earning less than men in the professional sphere of the country and it is one of the main topics of the criticism for the Inclusive Growth and Development report. Many eminent experts have voiced their mighty voices about this growing gender pay gap.

Because of the gender pay gap, 69% of those female graduates are leaving school with a huge amount of student loan debt, compared to 63% of men. Now the question is how to revive from this situation? The most probable answer, according to me, would be online education. Why? Let's have a discuss.

The 'Low Cost' Factor Of Online Education

The student loan repayment proposal has made students anxious. If you are concerned on how will you study further I would suggest you to consider taking online higher studies. There are many Online courses in UK which are recognised and regulated by the quality assessment organisations and universities. These online study programmes are mostly low cost. If you go to google & search with your desired education courses, you will definitely find plenty of options, solving the problem, that has been made the subject of concern of many students today – MONEY.

At e-learning you'll attend virtual class lectures and interactive learnings. Let us find how it helps the students to save extra expenses:


Course & Tuition Fee:

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Many online colleges and universities offer accredited course programmes. The course and tuition cost are low. The growing popularity of the online education has prompted many top education institutes in UK to offer competitive price. Since, unlike traditional campus learning online education does not require big campus, library or cafeteria, the budget of the institutes is reduced to a great extent. Thus, they only charge for learning the course. There is also the facility where students can pay for single classroom training or lectures. Moreover, there are several free MOOCs programmes, where students can engage into higher learning.

Saving Travel Cost:

In traditional classroom learning you have to attend lectures. To attend the lectures you obviously have to visit your college or university campus. This appends travel cost. Whereas, in an online education you attend classes without missing single lectures sitting at home with PC, Tab and etc. So, while an student is engaged in online learning he need not to spend extra money for travelling.

Study Materials Cost:

The educational resources in e-leaning are inexpensive. On enrolling for online course an student receives current digital study materials. There are many online courses which offers free of nominal e-library charge from an student. Although, study material are sufficient for the online courses students can take help from e-library.

Do Not Panic & Take Online Courses

Google and find the course and universities of you preference. Instead of falling back boost your educational and career aspirations with more opportunities. Don't care what people say neither take life decisions hastily influenced by the state policies. Use the modern age technology to master your skill and march forward. The new age technology has enabled us to enrich our knowledge resource so use it wisely. Online education is an effective tool to expand your qualification with meaningful learning. The flexibility and convenience of e-leaning is more suitable for the women and poor students. You can learn and also earn simultaneously, as you can select the time and place to engage to online learning activities.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Want To Prosper In Your Business Career? Let's See How A Level 5 Diploma Can Help You

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Is your typical job profile within your organisation is bothering you? With undergraduate Level 5 Diploma in Extended Management course you could enhance possibilities to catch higher management job roles. If you are a working professional I would recommend you to take similar ATHE accredited online course to develop management skills.

There are set of business management jobs for the ATHE Diploma Level 5. If you are still confused, then you should know that, this type of course programmes are designed to develop the leadership qualities in you. It contains core substances of the business management. Above all the online course is cost effective.

Why Pursue MBA ?

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In the challenging business scenario a senior manger has to concoct a smooth work culture within an organisation. Most companies apprehend an MBA employee as capable of taking responsibilities. An MBA degree is passport that would open the gateway to promotion and recognition. Besides with an MBA degree the perimeter of networking expands. It'll enable you to develop contacts with the senior most and the new executives of the business world. Let's take a glance at the top MBA careers & have an idea what is apt career prospect for you:

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Human Resource
  • Operations Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Global Management
  • Leadership
  • Healthcare
  • Criminal Justice
  • Project Management
  • Technology Management
  • International Business

Level 5 Diploma – How It Fast Track Your Path Towards MBA? 
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According to the experts, learning while working is better than only attending classes. Course like Level 5 Diploma would allow you to march towards your goal. This online business programme not only allows you to continue with your current job, but also fast track you to the final year of an associated Undergraduate BA in Business and Management Degree course, which can either be completed at a UK university on campus or via distance learning.

The experts say that learning business tricks and skills from a business educationalist is different whereas obtaining know-how from industry professionals is contrasting. On successful completion of the modules of these distinguished online business programmes, learners will have the knowledge of numeric exercises and will understand their use within the context of the business, that will aptly complement the industry professionals experiences.

When you land with the jobs for athe diploma level 5, you'll be able to relate your learning and implement acquired knowledge while you're engaged in your job responsibilities. Besides, your work experience would develop quality to think out of the box which would be useful during the course of learning.

Why Online Business Degree?

Now most of you may ask the question- Why Online MBA or any online business degree? The answer is simple- Do you have sufficient time to attend regular classroom learning? Online degrees are most suited to the working professionals. It offers great learning flexibility of time and place. You can log in from any distant location to attend the virtual classroom. And most importantly you can study at any time. If you are apprehensive about the quality of the study course you are most likely to go through, you should know that, degrees like Level 5 diploma cover key aspects of real business scenario.
  • Skills and qualities of entrepreneurship
  • Organisational structure
  • Practical Accounting Analysis
  • Clear goals and clear plans to achieve a clear objective
  • Business and Politics
  • Business Law
  • Governance and equality as a means to do right in business
  • Performance Management
  • Marketing and Sales Planning
  • Quantitative Skills
Still confused? Well let's check out the experience of a student, who has gone through a similar online course, we are discussing about & clarify all your doubts.

Now Balance Work, Life & Study

However managing work and study, no matter you are studying online or offline, could be stressful. Your job will keep you busy and burdened throughout the day. Hence indulging into study with greater concentration could be difficult. So, it is imperative to understand your ultimate goal. You could follow the tips to balance life and study:
  • Spend considerable time to study
  • select a conducive learning place
  • Keep patients. Don't over burden yourself
  • Indulge at one activity at one time
  • Spend time with family
  • Take help from senior executives of your organisation, family members, friends, online instructors and colleagues.

Give Shape To Your Career

At the end of the day you want to sharpen your business skills through an accessible study programme, right? With the most comprehensive and compact learning paradigm and teaching techniques the above discussed courses is all set to boost your career.
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