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Entrepreneurship: How does Business & Management Degree help?

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Do entrepreneurs need the additional qualification for business? The debate continues with the argument in favour and against. Some say having the business degree is not always necessary. However, the proponents of business and management degree argue in favour showing the advantages. They say business learning have created opportunities for many professionals. The market-oriented course design of the degree programme has helped individuals to gain key skills for playing the management role. As the competition intensifies to grab the opportunity, obtaining relevant knowledge is gradually being considered essential. A manager within a company has to face many challenges. But the manager must possess the ability to confront those obstacles and steering the company to success. Hence, the learning programme which develops the similar quality among the aspirant managers is substantial in the current market trend. It bridges the gap between the skilled workforce and the industry.

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Industry & Individual Demand

As the demand for the skilled managers grows across the industries, professionals also intend to hold the key management position. The quest to obtain high position has prompted many to take professional learning for cognizance of business and develop the ability to perform in the trade industry. With the knowledge of business and management degree, jobs ranging from administration, finance, HR, Account and many more could be found.

So people who intend to set-up own business can also take essential learning to run own enterprise. But education programmes like business and management degree actually are essential for one who want to trade?
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Business Learning: Yes Or No 

With juggling mind, whether the higher study is imperative for business, the closer look to world's some of the successful business persons might surprise us all. Richard Branson, Dave Thomas, David Green and several others have imprinted their mark in the business world. Interestingly, these businessmen do not have business degrees. Nevertheless, they have proved their worth to the whole world. It's evident from the success of this businessman, to excel one need true intention, real dedication and motivation.

Entrepreneurship & Economy

Entrepreneurship can create prospects for the economy. Besides, one enterprise may lead to progress for the other business firms as well. In many business conferences and exhibitions, regional, national and international, the B2B networking helps the companies to grow with business collaborations. Moreover, entrepreneurship creates employability. To run the organisation entrepreneurs recruit employees. As the enterprise progresses, more job opportunities are created and a number of people are hired further. Abreast, small businesses also make revenue from the big and medium businesses.

Business Knowledge Does Help

Though many businessmen managed to achieve success without commercial education, but in the current business market, commerce and management knowledge play substantial role to gain essential skills. With a business and management degree, jobs could be earned and entrepreneurs could develop the idea for business operation. So, if you are thinking of owning a business, you can select desired business learning from accredited university or college. The study contains core essentials of the business and management. The comprehensive and live education make the learning compact for the learner.

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Why Global Leaders Do Not Consider Education As An Emergency?

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Education has never been considered as an emergency, especially in developing and least developed countries, though everybody knows how important education is for the development of any economy. There is a need to change the way many underprivileged people perceive education.

Previous week, the UNESCO’s annual monitoring report into the millennium goals for education was
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launched in the UK. The millennium goals for education initiative include the promise that every child across the world would have a place in primary school by 2015.

The date is fast approaching but it does not seem that there is any chance of that promise to be kept.

According to the recent ‘Education for All’ report, almost 57 million children never start school and extra hundreds of millions get such low quality lessons that they pass out school hardly with a skill to ably read a sentence.

If the people thought this is a syndrome infecting the lives of a large population, there must be calls for urgent remedies. But, the deliberate, menacing deterioration of literacy, unawareness and detachment continues decade after decade.
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 In 1990, the international community assured that primary education for all would reach underprivileged 

population by 2000. In 2000, the assurance was shifted forward to 2015. And, 24 years after, the promises are being arranged for 2030.

Another 70 years
With the current progress rate, it would not be before 2080s that every child gets an opportunity to attend a primary school. Girls in underprivileged families in sub-Saharan Africa are likely to fail to benefit from primary school education. And, the recent crisis, like Syrian conflict, disrupted the educational prospects of thousands of youngsters in a way that will be felt for decades into the future.
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However, it would be unfair if the achievements made since the launch of millennium goals are left unacknowledged. There has been a sharp decline in the number of out-of-school children, and some countries like Tanzania and Ethiopia have written some success stories in this context.

Some major global partnerships, which include the Global Partnership for Education and UNESCO, are trying their best to do more.

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The UK too can claim credit, as the country is the biggest single direct donor to education offering more funding than other developed economies.

But, the biggest man-made disaster on the earth remains the lack of a quality education or no education for a number of families.

The political risks involving millions of unskilled, illiterate youths with modest employment opportunities can be felt and recognized by one and all.

These kinds of problems are not likely to confine within their own boundaries in today’s mobile, interconnected world.

Slow-moving problem
There are plenty of imminent questions to ask for: why world leaders are not forced to keep their promises? Is it because this is a slow-moving problem? Is it difficult to claim the responsibility? Why governments are not trying to train more teachers, provide them regular salary and construct more classrooms? 

It may sound uncomfortable to know that Nigeria has most out-of-school children in comparison to any other country, but the country boasts of fast-moving market for luxury private jets.
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                                                                           There are some big-spending countries with quality schools like China, but they are mere recipient of education aid rather than a big donor.

Governments in developing countries should take a cure from countries like South Korea and Vietnam that have successfully developed their education systems from scratch very rapidly. Though it may not be simple, but governments should treat the issues as emergency and come out with appropriate plans before it’s too late.

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Worried of New Student Loan Burden? Switch To Online Learning

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The proposal of Chancellor George Osborne is likely to put burden on the students, intend to pursue higher studies- specifically on the women’s and the students from the poor fiscal background. Recently I came across a report, published in the Sutton Trust, which has confirmed how the freezing the loan of £21,000 for next five years will hit both women and poor students.

I have been in the education profession for quiet some time & now I notice a growing perception among my students, that due to financial burden they may hesitant to enrol for higher studies in the universities. I am sure the situation is same for most of the UK students. As soon as the news spread students hit across streets demanding immediate stop on scrapping the education grant.

While people were busy at criticising and protesting I was thinking for a way out. Now the question arises- how women and poor students can engage to higher education with the burden of new students loan repayment system in UK? In UK Online learning is getting popular gradually for the low cost education system it provides. Let us check how online education can help the students to carry forward their further studies without averting the financial strain.

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Women Are More Affected Due To The Gender Pay Gap

This new study has also confirmed a difference that occurs between the genders, claiming that, women pays back an extra £3,300 on average, compared to £2,300 for men. This is because women tend to have lower earnings and are more likely to be paying back money across the full 30-year borrowing period.

A report, published by the World Economic Forum, has revealed that, women are earning less than men in the professional sphere of the country and it is one of the main topics of the criticism for the Inclusive Growth and Development report. Many eminent experts have voiced their mighty voices about this growing gender pay gap.

Because of the gender pay gap, 69% of those female graduates are leaving school with a huge amount of student loan debt, compared to 63% of men. Now the question is how to revive from this situation? The most probable answer, according to me, would be online education. Why? Let's have a discuss.

The 'Low Cost' Factor Of Online Education

The student loan repayment proposal has made students anxious. If you are concerned on how will you study further I would suggest you to consider taking online higher studies. There are many Online courses in UK which are recognised and regulated by the quality assessment organisations and universities. These online study programmes are mostly low cost. If you go to google & search with your desired education courses, you will definitely find plenty of options, solving the problem, that has been made the subject of concern of many students today – MONEY.

At e-learning you'll attend virtual class lectures and interactive learnings. Let us find how it helps the students to save extra expenses:


Course & Tuition Fee:

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Many online colleges and universities offer accredited course programmes. The course and tuition cost are low. The growing popularity of the online education has prompted many top education institutes in UK to offer competitive price. Since, unlike traditional campus learning online education does not require big campus, library or cafeteria, the budget of the institutes is reduced to a great extent. Thus, they only charge for learning the course. There is also the facility where students can pay for single classroom training or lectures. Moreover, there are several free MOOCs programmes, where students can engage into higher learning.

Saving Travel Cost:

In traditional classroom learning you have to attend lectures. To attend the lectures you obviously have to visit your college or university campus. This appends travel cost. Whereas, in an online education you attend classes without missing single lectures sitting at home with PC, Tab and etc. So, while an student is engaged in online learning he need not to spend extra money for travelling.

Study Materials Cost:

The educational resources in e-leaning are inexpensive. On enrolling for online course an student receives current digital study materials. There are many online courses which offers free of nominal e-library charge from an student. Although, study material are sufficient for the online courses students can take help from e-library.

Do Not Panic & Take Online Courses

Google and find the course and universities of you preference. Instead of falling back boost your educational and career aspirations with more opportunities. Don't care what people say neither take life decisions hastily influenced by the state policies. Use the modern age technology to master your skill and march forward. The new age technology has enabled us to enrich our knowledge resource so use it wisely. Online education is an effective tool to expand your qualification with meaningful learning. The flexibility and convenience of e-leaning is more suitable for the women and poor students. You can learn and also earn simultaneously, as you can select the time and place to engage to online learning activities.

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Want To Prosper In Your Business Career? Let's See How A Level 5 Diploma Can Help You

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Is your typical job profile within your organisation is bothering you? With undergraduate Level 5 Diploma in Extended Management course you could enhance possibilities to catch higher management job roles. If you are a working professional I would recommend you to take similar ATHE accredited online course to develop management skills.

There are set of business management jobs for the ATHE Diploma Level 5. If you are still confused, then you should know that, this type of course programmes are designed to develop the leadership qualities in you. It contains core substances of the business management. Above all the online course is cost effective.

Why Pursue MBA ?

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In the challenging business scenario a senior manger has to concoct a smooth work culture within an organisation. Most companies apprehend an MBA employee as capable of taking responsibilities. An MBA degree is passport that would open the gateway to promotion and recognition. Besides with an MBA degree the perimeter of networking expands. It'll enable you to develop contacts with the senior most and the new executives of the business world. Let's take a glance at the top MBA careers & have an idea what is apt career prospect for you:

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Human Resource
  • Operations Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Global Management
  • Leadership
  • Healthcare
  • Criminal Justice
  • Project Management
  • Technology Management
  • International Business

Level 5 Diploma – How It Fast Track Your Path Towards MBA? 
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According to the experts, learning while working is better than only attending classes. Course like Level 5 Diploma would allow you to march towards your goal. This online business programme not only allows you to continue with your current job, but also fast track you to the final year of an associated Undergraduate BA in Business and Management Degree course, which can either be completed at a UK university on campus or via distance learning.

The experts say that learning business tricks and skills from a business educationalist is different whereas obtaining know-how from industry professionals is contrasting. On successful completion of the modules of these distinguished online business programmes, learners will have the knowledge of numeric exercises and will understand their use within the context of the business, that will aptly complement the industry professionals experiences.

When you land with the jobs for athe diploma level 5, you'll be able to relate your learning and implement acquired knowledge while you're engaged in your job responsibilities. Besides, your work experience would develop quality to think out of the box which would be useful during the course of learning.

Why Online Business Degree?

Now most of you may ask the question- Why Online MBA or any online business degree? The answer is simple- Do you have sufficient time to attend regular classroom learning? Online degrees are most suited to the working professionals. It offers great learning flexibility of time and place. You can log in from any distant location to attend the virtual classroom. And most importantly you can study at any time. If you are apprehensive about the quality of the study course you are most likely to go through, you should know that, degrees like Level 5 diploma cover key aspects of real business scenario.
  • Skills and qualities of entrepreneurship
  • Organisational structure
  • Practical Accounting Analysis
  • Clear goals and clear plans to achieve a clear objective
  • Business and Politics
  • Business Law
  • Governance and equality as a means to do right in business
  • Performance Management
  • Marketing and Sales Planning
  • Quantitative Skills
Still confused? Well let's check out the experience of a student, who has gone through a similar online course, we are discussing about & clarify all your doubts.

Now Balance Work, Life & Study

However managing work and study, no matter you are studying online or offline, could be stressful. Your job will keep you busy and burdened throughout the day. Hence indulging into study with greater concentration could be difficult. So, it is imperative to understand your ultimate goal. You could follow the tips to balance life and study:
  • Spend considerable time to study
  • select a conducive learning place
  • Keep patients. Don't over burden yourself
  • Indulge at one activity at one time
  • Spend time with family
  • Take help from senior executives of your organisation, family members, friends, online instructors and colleagues.

Give Shape To Your Career

At the end of the day you want to sharpen your business skills through an accessible study programme, right? With the most comprehensive and compact learning paradigm and teaching techniques the above discussed courses is all set to boost your career.
Post your comment and share your opinion and insights.

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Is Private Tuition The New Ed Tool Amid UK Parents?

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The tuition industry in England is thriving. More number of parents are hiring tutors for their children. But is the growing trend the outcome of the wary of the English parents ? Or, Does the private or home tuition does really help the students to get good grades? While the debate doesn't seems to end many feel that tuition is essential whereas others warn about the growing trend. Some argue that the desire and need to attain good grade has led tuition industry to prosper. Parents and students consider it a significant aid to extricate the educational doubts and hindrances. The data showing growth in the tuition industry indicates that leniency towards hiring tutor in Britain is rising. Though, the majority of the parents and students perceived tuition as need, expert bodies warn against about the incline. The argument against the tuition reasons that, tuition industry is thriving out of the fear of the parents. The Sutton Trust termed it, “an escalating arms race in education.”

Augmentation of Tuition

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In the last one decade the tuition industry has grown significantly. It has sprouted the number of tuition agencies and tutors across the country. In 2005 total 18% of students took tuition. In 2015 the numbers of students engaged in after school tuition has increased to 25%. More numbers of parents are hiring private or home tutor to ensure good grades of their kids. Compare to the 34 % in 2005, in 2014 44% students in UK were engaged in tuition. It's evident from the popular trend that parents tend to heavily rely on the tutors. A survey conducted by the Durham University has revealed that, to surpass the 11 plus exam, 62% of parents engaged home tutors for their children. According to the National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) the dependency on tutor is deleterious for the students.

The Fixation Of Exam

Many criticise the obsessions of the UK schools with the exam culture. Though, do not downplay the essence of evaluation system, they allege, UK schools tend to overdo. A conference, held by the IAPS (Independent Association of Prep Schools), has, too, raised the issue of test culture in the schools of UK. Lee Elliot Major, Sutton Trust said, “You are four times more likely to get a private tutor if you are in the top fifth of the income range, so we are worried about the gap outside the school gates. It’s also true that this escalation in families investing in children’s’ education is fueled by the most anxious generation of parents ever.”

Change Of Perception

Anna Osella (18) studying at Brighton Hove and Sussex Sixth Form College didn't liked taking tuition during the days of junior school. However, things changes when Anna was attending secondary school. As she struggled she decided to take private tuition and her academic performance improved. Filippo Osella, Anna’s father said, “We tried to help her but it’s hard if you don’t have a clue about what you’re doing. Tutoring is a specialised skill, especially where there is dyslexia or some other learning difficulty.”


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The debate over tuition doesn't seems to end. The advocates and non-advocates cross fighting with their opinion regarding the merits and demerits of the tuition. David Hanson, Chief, IAPS believes that tutors are making out of the fear of the parents. He said, “Children are far better off going to a school where they will flourish, be happy and achieve good results.” However, people involved with the tuition industry have different version. According to them tutors are hired for different reasons. Students who can't attend school for several reasons like sudden illness, to involve the children with specific perquisite or to aid the home learning. Henry Fagg, Founder ,The Tutor Pages says that different levels of the society have access to the home tuition. In broader perspective it meant that more number of parents in England gained faith in tuition.

The Trend To Continue...

Going by the trend, I am convinced that the trend will continue and tuition industry will grow further. In the modern education system child needs more support. It may not be possible either for the school and the parents to extend additional support to the students all the time. Since a tutor spends individual time with the students, it's easier for the tutor to track the weaknesses of the learner. At times weak or rather say special child may seek extra assistance. Is it possible for the school to understand the need of that student ? I think the, worried, non-supporters of the tuition can redesign the school education system to lower down the dependency on the tutors. Moreover, I (and let me guess you'll too agree) feel that exam culture of the UK schools are one attribute that let parents to depend on the tutors.

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Siblings Should Go To The Same School, According To The Parents

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Brothers and sisters are like two opposite sides of a coin. Being siblings does not mean being hindered to be educated at the same school. It is important that the education of them should be aimed and not them studying in different schools.

Such a fact has been identified in the UK as the ministers of the country have been urging to the government in order to allow the siblings to study at the the same school. It is witnessed that this problem is prominent in the Edinburgh primary school.

 The Minister's Move

The school minister of the country Nick Gibb said that he is willing to offer the siblings of England and Wales an automatic right, with the help of which they can attend the same state school. He will target to give it even if the number of the sits are over subscribed.

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The parents at Towerbank primary are facing the situation to send their children to different pre-schools from their brothers and sisters. They also believe that a national policy should exist regarding this.

Even the population has risen in the area. It prompts a review leading to the catchment being reduced.

Over 500 people have petitioned calling on the Edinburgh city council to allow a 'sibling guarantee'. The SNP; MSP and MPs are urged by the campaigners to support an approach, uniform in nature, throughout the whole country.

The Leaders In Action

Where Aberdeenshire Council guarantees the non-split up of the siblings, Portobello only accepts one of the four options under consideration of the councilors for the siblings to be admitted at the same school.

Parents have already been to the former justice minister, Kenny MacAskill and has also been backed by Tommy Sheppard, MP who wrote to the education convener of the city, Cllr Paul Godzick.

According to Mr. Sheppard, the guarantee’s absence was 'nonsensical'. He says “It will be a logistical nightmare for parents and is bound to have an adverse effect on both the education of their children. No matter which option the council goes with, a sibling guarantee must form part of it. Indeed, this should be the starting point for any redrawing of school catchment areas.”

The Guardian's View 
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Morven Wraight, whose son is attending a school and daughter who can be sent to other school, is thinking that the splitting siblings is in contradiction with the rule of the Scottish Government Getting It Right For Every Child or Girfec strategy. She says “Without this guarantee parents face having to drop one young child at one school and travelling at least one and a half miles across busy main roads to a second school. There has been a whole push to send your child to the local school. We did send our child to the local school and now it could be changed so that his sister can’t go to that school. There is just a general belief among parents that kids have the right to be together.”

The education minister Angela Constance, has received a letter from Mr. MacAskill asking for the position of the Scottish government.

A spokesperson of the Scottish government said it is the council's duty to decide “how best to provide educational provision that meets local needs”.

Education For The Brothers & Sisters

It is true that education is a gift and it should not be limited in the choice of not letting the siblings to study at the same school. It is a notion, if left unconsidered, will produce no such harm. So, it is better not to educate the brothers; not to educate the isters but to educate both the brothers and sisters in the same state school.

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Good Jobs - Are They Back To College Graduates

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It is evident that the good jobs have again arrived in the professional zone providing more employment opportunities to college graduates.

Although the media has been telling about the domination of the low-wage jobs during the period of recession, the study of the Georgetown Education Center for Education and Workforce says something different.

The study shows the college graduates became the benefited pupils with the greatest job growth, as 2.8 million out of 2.9 million jobs are achieved by the college graduates.

Who Are The Professionals?

The professionals belonging to the good jobs are managers at the first. Next on the list are the science and technology professionals; engineers and healthcare professionals.


What did people Observe?

The notion of people about jobs followed the observational reaction and the influence of the media.
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People observed that the great recession took a long time and yet it recovered in a depressive pace. But people started coming back to the low-wage jobs such as retail workers and the professionals of the food service. This has led people’s mind normally to stress upon the thought of the low-wage jobs having hopeful importance.

The media has also supported the recovery of the low-wage jobs. It has summed up both positive and negative hints towards the jobs. People took the positive side of the jobs as they looked upon the development of their careers with these jobs as the sign of recovery in the professional field. But this is not an uncommon matter. In every recession these kinds of events happen. The news stories have an inclination towards being optimistic in the time of expansion and pessimistic in the time of recession. The students and their parents are affected by these stories of the media and they, then and there, becomes the victims of the fear of the unknown professional stability because of being unable to get good jobs even if they complete a college graduation.

Impact of the recession 

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The recession has affected tremendously on the present generation. Added to their suffering, the recession introduced more science and technology dependent professions which require more technical skills of the employees or the job-seekers.

Despite these mentioned problems, the college graduates still had an advantage over the school graduates as the latter’s percentage of employment is almost half than that of the former. Even the unemployment rate of the college graduates has decreased to 4% where it is still over 9% for the adults.

The Middle-Wage Jobs

The middle-wage jobs did not see any firmly increasing recovery though. These jobs include manufacturing and construction sources. Although the manufacturing works have seen its recovery because of technological implementations, yet the loss from the recession still could not be recovered. The polarisation of the good and low-jobs has taken place with the expense obtained from the middle-class jobs and the aim of the technological applications is to make a change in it by increasing production and decreasing expenditure.

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The College Graduates Get The Good Jobs Back

It is highly evident that a huge depression happened in the professional area with recession arriving into it. But there is a light o hope that the college graduates are able to gain the position back to get the good jobs as well as others. Even the middle-wage jobs are also improving as they are being empowered by innovative technology.

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The Growth In IT Industry - Can Information Technology Courses Online Equip You To Be A Prominent Professional?

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Today, in this rapidly changing world of science and technology, having apt information about information technology becomes a must for the professionals as well as ordinary persons. The modern world is witnessing a significant growth in the IT field, creating new aspects with newer possibilities.

A Glimpse At The IT Careers

What can IT offer you? What will you do if you possess knowledge on it? What are the opportunities? To find the answers, take a look below:

  • The technology has become the reason for the foundation of the IT industry creating lots of job opportunities.
  • With the help of information technology, various technical or general tasks are done in a more convenient way.
  • Business has seen the major role of IT in it as the technology helps in the integration and communication in business.
  • Designing in the computer systems have opened doors to employment.
  • It has paved the way for the 'app economy' where candidates are employed to develop apps or software that run on smartphones or other mobile devices.

There are more implementations of IT industry, for knowing which an information technology courses online may be of a certain help.

Computer Systems Design

The computer systems and its designing provides a great career opportunity as it employed 1.5 million stuff in 2011.

Source -
 Business and consulting firms require their networks; computer system design and software to be upgraded and the IT professionals can have a chance of being employed as well as being able to explore their professional potential. The computer information technology courses online can provide more knowledge about these varied aspects of the industry.

Computer system design are of four kinds. They are

  • Custom computer programming services: This includes computer programs; database and webpage design.
  • Computer systems designs services: This is the foundation of the computer systems designs which designs and integrates computer software; hardware and communication technology.
  • Computer facilities management services: These services ensure the management of computer systems and the facilities of data processing.
  • Other computer related services: These include the services which are excluded in other sub-industries like software installation or disaster recovery.

The IT Industry Growth

Let us look at the growth of the IT industry so that the true picture can be visualised for consideration:

  • The pace of the increase in employment in systems design and others have been simultaneous from 1990 to 2001 because many other businesses began to invest in the industry. 
    Source - 
  • The employment in computer related services and others have reached 2,32,300 jobs resulting in the total growth of employment in the industry to 18%.
  • The expansion persisted although the existence of the steep decline in employment between the years 2001 and 2003 that was followed by the dot-com crash when the investors were selling off their stock in the dot-com companies.
  • The industry has grown by the percentage of 37%.
  • The industry only lost 1% of his workforce during the recession.
  • The employment started its gradual course of expansion in the year 2010 as the rate of employment in that year became more than that of 2008.
  • Taking up the computer systems in the business sector by economy has made the industry output to gain a 4.6% increase.
  • The firms mainly creates computer systems and programs based on the particular requirement of the client.
  • The industry itself have contributed resources to technologies, such as mobile applications and cloud computing, aimed to advance the additional output and the increase in employment in the next decade.

IT Careers That Elevate You As A Professional

The IT industry provides not only the employment opportunities but adds a variety of designations into it. Let us take a look at the career opportunities which the IT industry can offer us:

  • Software developer:

The largest profession in the industry making almost 20% share. Software developers are the professionals responsible for creating computer programs and also for overseeing the entire form of designing. There are two kinds of software developers – application software developer and system software developer. Application software developers create and design software which are offered through cloud computing. System software developers usually create and develop operating systems which provides the support to the basic functions of a computer.

  • Computer programmers:

The programmers' duty is to write computer codes that turns the software developer created designs to instructions which are operable to the computer.

  • Computer systems analyst:

It makes up 9% of the industry. The computer systems analysts analyses the computer systems of a business firm and provides the preference to various ways in which their business becomes more flawless. They actually connect the IT systems with the management operations.

  • Computer support specialists:

The computer support specialists make up 8% of the industry. They provide effective advices to the consumers or organisations using computer systems.

A graduation is needed to be employed in the industry. In this case, the computer information technology courses online are healthy for a learner to gain knowledge over all of the aspects of the industry. Added to that, all of these education are offered in the convenient way of the online medium.

What You Will Get From The IT Industry

The IT industry is in the process of growth and evolution as the higher education tends to be more tech-dependent. The requirement of the updated software systems is in a process of increasing demand which is responsible for the growth of the employment opportunities in the industry. A deep knowledge in the technology as well as an integral understanding of the industry will provide ample support to an employee to get a job. Newer possibilities are there which, if followed, can be turned into brighter opportunities.

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Online Courses From UK Business Schools Have Positive Impact On Your Career, Finds New Study

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Has your career come to a standstill? Are opportunities to land leadership roles slipping out of your hand? Do you need an online business degree from a UK university to give your career a much needed push? Then it's time you start thinking about earning an online degree.

Should You Study Online?

Today you can find online courses on almost any subject and topic which you can pursue from reputed institutes and universities. You can even study from your own home during your leisure time. However, it also needs a strong commitment from you which can prove to be extremely challenging at times. So if you are wondering if taking an affordable and accredited online class to earn a higher education degree for professional and career development, then you need start by asking is it actually worth your time and effort?

Can Online Courses Help You?

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The answer to this question is not a straightforward “yes” or “no” as a lot of the outcome depends on what you actually do with your newly learned knowledge and skills. Lou Adler, CEO of the Adler Group and hiring expert, believes that online classes can be beneficial for your career development only when you can show employers how the skills & knowledge you obtained in the course could not only boost your performance but also help their business grow.

However, studying online programmes from accredited UK business schools can be positively beneficial for individuals who are already employed and looking for a promotion, said Adler. It can then prove to be rather valuable to your career and help you stay updated about the latest trends in your industry and field. He added,

“If someone is past the entry-level kind of positions, if they're constantly evaluating some of the latest data trends or technical trends related to their position, I would give that person a plus.”

Study Online, Build Your Career 

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So can an online UK business degree be of any help to your career? A new study found that free online courses can actually have a positive impact on your overall career. The recent research found that most of the students who pursued a free MOOC (massive open online course) claim that it helped in their career advancement, either by enabling them to get a new job, land a promotion or start their own business. The authors of the study, published in the Harvard Business Review, wrote “This type of research illustrates the possibilities MOOCs offer to change the educational landscape.”

The study was conducted by professors at the University of Washington and the University of Pennsylvania along with researchers at eLearning platform Coursera, surveyed more than 52,000 individual studying MOOCs. It was found that over 72% students reported their online education helped them in their career development. Among them, 9% of respondents said MOOCs facilitated them in building their startups and around 25 per cent said that their course enabled them to get a new job.

Time To Get Started With A Degree From UK Business Schools

Hence, if you are gearing up to land a new job & it's challenges as well as rise up to managerial roles in your current company or even start a business, then earning an online business degree from a recognised UK Business School can help you to a great extent. You will not only receive high quality education and study in a flexible and convenient way, but you will also get excellent opportunities for career development.

What do you think? Are you studying an online course? Then make sure you share your ideas and experiences with us and add to the discussion.

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Music Education - Can It Turn Children Into Good Listeners & Learners

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Today we can frequently see most students hooked on to their headphones while commuting to schools and colleges or even in their leisure time. This clearly proves a fact that, music has become an integral part of our lives with instant and easy access to the latest tracks view our smartphones and iPods. There is no doubt that music impacts our energy levels and our emotions. It helps us to create various moods and memories and enables us to focus and relax as well. But can we use music in our classrooms to help our students learn better? Let's take a look....
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The Old Way

Classical music may appear boring sometimes to the modern children but it is the healthiest food for the mind. Practising it harder and harder actually can take a learner to different levels which are not only satisfactory from its appearance but are also professional. For example, the learners need to concentrate throughout a concert that enables them to identify both the perfect music or its variation which may prove efficient.

The Musical Way

Music is responsible for the child to be psychologically patient. It has the ability to turn a child from a naughty shouter to a calm listener. Music improves the smartness of the child; makes him/ her stand apart from the others and perform something exceptional and even turns them to a deeper realisation of his/ her own self.

Author Philip Pullman said about music that it is an efficient and required subject. He also comments that music is one of the ‘the most emotionally and intellectually fulfilling’ activity that a child performs.

The Educational Benefits Of Music

The listening skills; non-verbal communicational skills; a stronger understanding of emotion; focusing or concentration; teamwork and many other things are the educational qualities of music. Teachers as well as the parents are getting encouraged by it and its result is the musical projects. Let’s look at the qualities of education, that music provides with:

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  • Listening Power:

Listening skills is one of the powerful impacts of music. It soothes the mind of the learners; makes them patient and improve their audible as well as psychological acceptability.

  • Character Formation:

Music has a strong impact on the building of the character of a child, shaping it in a way that this ‘musical’ effect is always comprehended as a positive feature of the child even in the matured stages.

  • Do more:

‘To go beyond’ is another slogan of music when it comes to education. It helps to the psychological expansion of a candidate. A learner also becomes more expressive with music in his/ her side.

  • Competitive mind:

What about competition? The answer is music also increases the competitive attitude of the learners that results better in both education and life.

How Educators Can Enhance With Music?

  • Build a positive state for learning
  • Establish an ideal atmosphere
  • Create a sense of expectancy & anticipation
  • Make learning activities more invigorating & involving
  • Alter brain wave states
  • Improve focus & concentration in learners

Musically Enriched

The aim should be obvious. Music should never be treated as a commercial object and should be accepted with deep realisation and sincere respect. Children are the future of the society and their ineffective education means the disastrous condition of the country that is yet to come. One of the ways to recover from such catastrophic problem is to implement music as one of the integral elements supporting the base foundation of education.

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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Grow Your Business With Strategic Alliances

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A small business can be transformed into an influential expansion if it had some strategies at the beginning. They are not only responsible for the growth of the business but also valuable for its root foundation in the commercial field. Strategic alliances can advance the number of possibilities for the enrichment of the particular business. These alliances can lead to the spread of business and this improvement proves that strategies can be strengthened more with such collaborative bond.

Mostly Used

It is revealed by a survey that the number of these alliances has grown from 3% to 4% in the past few years. The rapidly improving companies were in these alliances. Another survey was made on the CEO’s of small but randomly developing companies & surprisingly 90% of them were revealed making alliances for their commercial growth.
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Why A Company Would Like To Use Strategic Alliances?

Being in alliance or a healthy partnership means a lot to a small company to its desperate search for the window of opportunities for becoming a notable existence in the future. Let us have a look on these alliances to get a clearer idea of the privileges it provides. Let’s have a look:

Getting The Materials

A healthy partnership provides a small company with all the privileges to the materialistic utilisation of various aspects, important for the growth of it. These important aspects include technology; expertise; production; distribution; marketing and a lot other things. The alliances are not only responsible for the access to these aspects but also help the company in getting those requirements in a cost-effective way as well as a brisk pace.

The Proof

It has been found by the studies that a company can grow faster; expand its productivity and become a lot more improved with allies. The reporting of the higher revenues by the companies than the others is also seen and this solidifies the reason of the utilisation of alliances.

Less Bondage & More Opportunities

The ownership in a partnership never changes hands. Added to that, a skilled entrepreneur can also make his start up a part in several partnerships at the same point of time gaining a lot of ideas; possibilities and many more. It is the time to boost your business with utmost possibility.

United we stand

Another interesting benefit of the effective partnership is that it gains synergy. Any company with some lack can tie up with another to form a more powerful impact. Even tying up with a company having technological enrichment can also be used in any of the mentioned functions such as distribution; marketing and even production.

Let’s Shake Hands 

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There are various kinds of partnerships in the business fields. An internal partnership can show the way towards a cooperative method for business. In this kind of partnership a company can provide market skills and strategies where another one can deliver technology or imported products. Co-operative purchasing; combining research and development; agreement of setting effective technology; co-sponsoring training and joint marketing are all the examples of the fruition of allies.

How To Achieve Competence? Can A Level 5 Diploma Help You?

To obtain the way towards the knowledge of forming and using an effective partnership you will need to follow several practices that will not only improve your start up, but will also empower you to better understand yourself. However, implementing these strategies into your business will require you to have a strong business knowledge. Moreover, you will also need to possess effective management and leadership skills to identify your own strengths and weaknesses. Hence, you must study a purposeful training programme which will boost your leadership, awareness & skills.

I believe one of the best ways to do this is to pursue an Undergraduate Level 5 Extended Diploma in Management online. By studying an online management course you can acquire all the necessary skills and knowledge without investing too much time or money. Thus, you can not only avoid student debt, but you can also manage your time between your work and studies.

Better Care: Better Result

To form good and effective alliances, it is needed to use efficient skills. It is a fact, as the survey says, 3 among 4 corporate alliances proves to be disheartening as it does not create more profit. So, if handled with less care, then it may not turn out to be profitable. An online Level 5 diploma will help you here to gain leadership abilities, understand business better, enhance your focus, and boost your communication skills, creativity & productivity. The matter is that the alliances are the golden opportunity for the success of the companies but the correct and strategic use of them means a lot more than them being the golden opportunity.

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Monday, 14 September 2015

A New Learning Era Begines With Experiential Education

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“Apply your knowledge” – has become the slogan for the modern form of the professional world. You need to demonstrate your skills if you want a better career a firm establishment in it.

In order to stand in front of all the other competitors and raise your head as an exceptional candidate, you have to provide the employers the insight of your technical knowledge as well as your theoretical grasp over the subject.

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The Real Picture

The picture of the professional sphere is quite different than that of the earlier time. The present era is witnessing the skillful implementation of technology in order to get innovative results. So, the employers’ requirements from the employees have also changed. They need their employees to be professional in displaying their technical skills successfully. The employees then are challenged by this growing demand of the employers and they find it more difficult as they face a stronger competition with a greater number of other employees competing with them.

So, your skills will become your assistance. It will effectively equip you with your modern requirements which will help you to get a job defeating the other applicants for a job.

Whoever you are –either an earlier candidate or an experienced professional, highlighting your skills indicates towards your firm establishment in your professional life in the future.

Correct & Coordinating Combination
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You have successfully showed your skills to your employers but you are not able to make a tactful combination of your knowledge and your skills – then you may be at a loss at the professional field. You have got to keep in mind that the part of applying your knowledge actually becomes without the theoretical information. Your combination of theoretical information with your practical methods of implementations will help you to be effectively a sincere professional in your career.

Start To Think About Strategies

Added to that, you must plan something for the correct implementation of your skills otherwise applying the skills in an unplanned way make all your endeavors merely to be not resulting as you May expect it to. So, it is rather important to make some strategies of your own to use in your professional life. It will not only boost up your performance but also will make your employer understand you have the potentials to satisfy their demands from you and that you have some qualities beyond the normal horizon of information.

The Innovative Way Of Learning

That is where the skill-based experiential learning comes. It offers you with a variety of interactive tools by which you learn in such a way that you become able yourself with the technical skills that are of utmost importance. It is learning beyond the form of traditional; learning and it has the ability of taking you to an innovative world where theory meets experience.

Another extra benefit, it enables your narrow your skills gap. This will aim towards the satisfaction of the employers as your professional performance will be relevant to their requirements with innovative learning with you. Besides, it provides you the access to personalised learning method – an interesting tool where you can learn what you particularly want.

Interestingly Innovative Learning

In a word, unconventional and experiential learning enables you with the skills that you need as well as the access to a lot of opportunities. This innovative form of education may require you but you may require it the most.