Friday, 31 October 2014

Make a Difference With Your MBA

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Here’s a story about a young girl with a big dream. She was sitting in a dingy classroom with her best friend. She excitedly talked to him about her new computer and internet connection. She was one of the first students to have access to these facilities. She dreamt big dreams.

This little girl slowly grew up in the cozy cradle of China in a very humble town and started working as an accountant and auditor. Later she chose to complete her MBA after marrying and becoming a mother of a lovely daughter.

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Yoyo Wu, a successful Chinese woman fulfilled one dream after another. Now she wants to be a chief financial officer.

This is one success story. The other one narrates the tale of Mbali Mogalanyane who chose a course in MBA after working as a mining engineer. She was supported by her husband and employers. Although she had to juggle work and family and the responsibility of raising her daughter, she claimed that, the effort was worthy to take as the MBA has opened a plenty of new doors to her.

She chose to learn from home so that she could balance work and could nurture her baby as well. She took all her classes online, finished all her reports and completed her examination online.

So you see, there really isn’t any specific time to complete your MBA. You can study while you are employed, as a graduate who is keen on acquiring skills or as a mother from home. You can do all that with a little time management and self-discipline.

Feeling inspired?

Fast Track Your Growth 

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Though in today's radically evolved professional era an MBA degree is taking an invaluable place, it is also a considered fact that for many working individuals or stay at home moms sometimes it tends to be difficult to attain a traditional 2 year MBA program at a stretch. Thus, in order to meet the growing demand for a quicker and more affordable way to attain MBA, some business schools are introducing postgraduate diploma in business, which fast tracks your MBA degree course. Providing a greater flexibility of money and time for the want to be degree holders, the fast track MBA program can accompany them to see the bigger picture & empower them with the expertise to develop sound business plans.

The Expertise You Are Provided With

The Postgraduate diploma in business is a facility that provides you with the most needed competitive lead that can appropriately go with the busy schedule of working professionals, catering to the modern business scenario. This level 7 diploma in Business enhances the key managerial skills, covering a vast domain – interpersonal, communication, operations, production, sales and marketing.
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What To Say Finally

If you can fast track your MBA degree you can also share your success stories and can inspire so many others who are waiting for inspiration. There is no obstacle unless you become your own obstacle towards progress.

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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Bring Distance Education To Your Doorstep

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 Students of this fast emerging era are very aware of the recent trends in the field of education and employment. You are fresh out of high school and you are possibly looking for employment for your higher education or for important responsibilities at home that need your financial assistance. You might be a young parent who needs both a job and a chance to secure a higher degree for promotions at work.

Let’s take a look at the changing face of education in the world and how young students are making a difference in the world.

Words of an Expert

Jack Warner, executive director and CEO of the South Dakota Board of Regents, mentioned,

-- “Higher education should be available and attainable for everyone if we are to meet the educational needs of the state’s workforce.”--

Recent Inspiring and Remarkable Trends – What Are They Saying

In recent times, students who are attending classes at college on a part-time basis are in the favor of online learning. This is a general trend in Dakota. Almost 22,500 students registered themselves for online education in six major universities in 2013. Almost 63% are part-time students and their average age is 27. They are mostly women. Some are choosing courses at off-campus sites.

The Associated Press stated that the average rise in enrollment in online courses is 2.6% this year. The universities are making provisions for those students who want more direct contact and they are very content with the online courses.

The University Centerfh in Rapid City is offering tests and tutoring services and enrollment has increased by 31.6%.

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In Sioux Falls there is no additional charge for classes that are taken and assessments are made through random examinations throughout the year along with interactive activities like quizzes. This is enabling students who are older to have access to higher education.

So you can see that there are so many institutions that are in favor of the emergence of distance education. This is all because we as educators are looking forward to educating everyone and we want everyone to have free access to higher education if they are genuinely interested.

How will you start learning distantly?

You needn’t to worry. There are various institutions that have online courses which can be availed by you. You need to enroll and once you are in you can study at any time you want.

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 Distance Education - Be A Part Of This   Global Transformation

 You can fix your own time table. Study, work,  enjoy your leisure time, do whatever you are  interested in at any time that is convenient for you  keeping the deadlines set by the institutions in mind.

 Your job gets much easier when you download  you course material online and have unlimited access to e-books and reference online.

Your virtual lessons can help you fight against uneasiness if you are unable to speak publicly. You will be able to learn interpersonal skills that will make you feel more confident.

You might be employed in entry-level jobs and if you choose a management course you can find yourself with ample opportunities to get a job in a higher position as a senior manager. You will have a clear insight about the latest trends in the world of management. You will be an efficient leader and will exhibit excellent team spirit.

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So choose distance learning like thousands of students around you and make your dreams come true. The future is in your hands. 

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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Graduation In Business – The Much Needed Boost

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What is the most important requirement to escalate your business and the leadership quality it needs? Experts say it is a combination of your dedication, time & commitment and a high multi-domain managerial competency that elevate you at the level of the business world, that is worthy to be appreciated.

Business schools ensure that students get the opportunity for a holistic development. The technical knowledge based education is essential and it is an integral part of the curriculum. Along with that recruiters look for other original qualities that go into making a student a great manager some day. Employers judge whether the candidate has the ability to solve real-life problems. There are several other qualities that make students successful and win the attention of employers.

What do employers look for? 

According to latest survey, done by the Graduate Management Admissions Council, has manifested the fact that,
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-- almost 75% of business employers are preferring to recruit staff with Business degree, focusing on the fact that, “on-the-job” learning is crucial to absorb challenges and ambitions of a company.--

So it is quiet conspicuous that, employers look for leadership skills, the ability to take quick and appropriate decisions in business, team spirit and the awareness of the global scenario.

What is happening in the world of business today?

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 Bryan Cohen, author of The Post-College Guide to Happiness, thinks there’s a connection between attaining a bachelor’s degree and finding a job that leads to employment, satisfaction and happiness. Higher education gives people the opportunity to explore their passions perhaps in writing, engineering, or even magic. Graduates can use their educational experience to pursue what they love to do. That’s why, Cohen says, “educational attainment can lead to some serious happiness.”

The University College Cork faculty devised the practice of designing an “Anthology” to display on a large scale the creative and artistic skills of its students in poetry, photography, art and creative writing. This developed both technical skills and encouraged broader practical wisdom among the students.

Why is the college degree so important?

It has been observed that if people get a college degree and find employment they lead happy and fulfilled lives. Statistical reports suggest that the percentage of college graduates among Hispanic and white students is 43.1% and 42.7% respectively. They are able to attain financial independence.

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You might be very impressed with all these possibilities that you have read about. You might be wondering about how you too can be a successful business graduate with not only the technical skills but the courage, determination and talent to combat problems that you may approach in real life when you work.

Fast Track Your Growth

You can choose to go to a business school of your choice. Graduate and find employment afterwards. It will not be difficult. If you are already employed then it will add to your resume and you will be recognized more quickly.

But what about them who cannot approach a university because it is too far away from home? Maybe some of you have to take care of your families. You can’t take expensive loans too. The cost of transportation is too high. In such cases what will you do?

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You can approach universities for students’ loans, bursaries and scholarships. You may even try learning online. Depending on your shift ( day/night) you can adjust your time and study when you are free. It can be done from home. You need to listen to webinars, study the course materials and appear for the online exams and you are all set for the world. There are many universities that are offering students the opportunity to complete their under graduate courses online. There are diploma courses that you can also complete online if you are interested in distance education. Different universities and business schools offer different levels and schemes of studying business both on campus and as a distance course. Online Undergraduate Diploma in Business is one of the most lucrative options for you to choose if you wish to pursue higher education in business.

There Are So Many New Topics To Learn!

 Online Undergraduate Level 5 Diploma in Business will give you the opportunity to learn about the basics of management. You will learn about commercial awareness, communication, teamwork, negotiation, persuasion, problem solving, leadership, organization, perseverance and motivation, the ability to handle pressure and you will gain self- confidence.

This can be obtained online after you complete your assignments, assessments and other evaluations based on the learning modules you get. You will have to learn about the introductory lessons on business, 
accounting, finance, interpersonal skills, leadership skills, analytical skills and other such pertinent skills online when you complete your level 5 diploma.

What can you do in future after you graduate?

Once you consider completing your diploma you can also fast track you to your BA degree. This bachelor’s degree is actually the gateway to various degrees and diplomas in future.

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Let's Taste The Fruit Of Success 

By now you must have a clear picture about how you can be successful in life and you have seen from practical experiences of others how business education has changed their lives. So take a chance. Make a change and find the job of your dreams.

If you have any comments for us leave them below.

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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

A Better Career Advice can build Efficient Workforce

At present, the level of career advice given in school is something similar to a tick box exercise squeezed into a lunchtime break. There are a number of effective measures meant to prepare young people for the job sector, but our schools continuously fail to look up to those tips and tricks
According to the figures recently presented by Ofsted, just one fifth of schools offer their pupils a thorough career advice, which is raising serious concerns about the quality of workforce in the job market. Acting in response to the findings, the Government has announced to unveil new guidance in respect to what the effective career advice should look like. 

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In order to assist students in deciding the kind of career right for them, it is evidently vital that they are given advice and guidance. 

Internet has made job search quicker and easy
In the modern times, internet has changed the way we search for jobs, which has become quicker and easier. However, there is a downside to it, as the vast amount of information can become very confusing for younger job seekers in hunt for their first job assignment. 

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Having limited idea about how or where to search for the best results can be a demoralizing experience. Even if you have a comprehensible idea of a preferred career in your mind, lack of understanding about how to look for opportunities can result in prolonged, exhausting and unproductive search. 

Today’s generation has always remained connected and grown up with the internet. According to the Mobile Youth Report, about 81 percent of below 25s take their phone with them on the bed, while 74 percent reach out to their device just after waking up.

 Do students have the skills to make the best use of internet for job search?
The young generation can be said to be proficient social net-workers. But, the imminent question is: do they have the proficiency to make use of internet as an effective tool for job search? 

You need to be specific in your search for a smart online job, but keep in mind not to be too specific. Candidates can get thousands of results simply searching part time
In addition, you also need to consider job opportunities as only opportunities if they fit the skills and experience of yours. If they do not fit, consider them as endless list of descriptions and titles that will cost you time but lead nowhere.

 Similarly, it can be limiting if your search is too narrow, as it may fail to represent all the potential roles on offer. 

Students should understand how to navigate online job marketplace
Students must have proper understanding of how to navigate the online job market, as a lack of understanding leads to mistakes and candidates might mistake first available job for the right one. 

Candidates can gather enough information about the nature of job through the websites of employers as well as from company pages on job search engines. 

Students should be made available with tools and advice to find out that online as well as offline job search must be about fit. If a candidate is not satisfied with the nature of job and gripped with low motivation, it is certain that next job search will come around quicker than it should have. It may prove to be enormously costly from an employer viewpoint.

Hence, career advisers in schools should lend their helping hand and let school leavers know all about the university education. Only then, a better workforce will be developed.

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