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Online Education - The Next Generation Educational Leap!

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According to the data released by Class Central on the progress and impact of online education in the year 2015. The reports was more than overwhelming. The enrollments made last year was almost double the figures of 2014. More than 35 million people have joined online classes which is comparable to the US statistics of one out of every 5 working professional.

The success story

The given pie diagram shows the contribution of online education on the various science, arts and management subjects. Among all, the science and other engineering related subjects along with the management studies are happened to be the most popular ones.

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The online education business is growing at a rapid space and the online course providers like Udacity, Harvard, EdX have started providing credit tools as well as nano degrees. This as another reason of their enhanced growth and popularity.

Video-based self-study online courses have gained popularity in the corporate learning programs which are now successfully been processed by various online learning institutes.

The UK scenario

Diverting from the worldwide situation to UK, the present scrapping of the educational grants have left the Brits students with no choice rather than considering free online higher education as a primary option.

However, with growing inflation, maintaining both the tuition fees and living cost simultaneously is simply unbearable, given the additional problem of the grants being slashed.

A survey conducted by The Student Room on the students who wish to pursue higher education revealed negative outlook. Students are seriously worried about the debt and the living costs that would add up to a huge loan dangling the beginning of the career.

Half of the respondents said the-the Osborne's announcement would force them to seriously consider whether they could afford university. A further fifth said the university is now out of the question entirely.

The rise of online education

Scrapping the educational grant had been a blessing in disguise for the online educational breed. Upcoming online learning will now have a huge population of students to deal specially in the UK. If students or professionals want to gain a proper diploma or degree through online from UK universities, then they can search like this.

UoPeople president and founder, Shai Reshef, said: "What we are doing is building a model to show that higher education can be affordable and accessible."
He continued further saying "We're building the model to show universities that they can take many more students than they do right now. Many of them don’t want to, because.... they want to be exclusive."
Recently UoPeople university had a great achievement as the Microsoft Africa hired all their engineering graduates.
Mr. Reshef hopes that online platforms can create a space which fosters a more peaceful society: "Every time a student takes a class with us, he is being put together with 20 students from 20 countries."
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Apart from the online universities, the American universities hace also notice a resonable rise of enrollment of Brits students in their autumn session. The university authorities are sure to have these numbers rising. Education knows no boundaries and it would flow in the direction which offers the maximum benefits to the students.

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