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Online Courses From UK Business Schools Have Positive Impact On Your Career, Finds New Study

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Has your career come to a standstill? Are opportunities to land leadership roles slipping out of your hand? Do you need an online business degree from a UK university to give your career a much needed push? Then it's time you start thinking about earning an online degree.

Should You Study Online?

Today you can find online courses on almost any subject and topic which you can pursue from reputed institutes and universities. You can even study from your own home during your leisure time. However, it also needs a strong commitment from you which can prove to be extremely challenging at times. So if you are wondering if taking an affordable and accredited online class to earn a higher education degree for professional and career development, then you need start by asking is it actually worth your time and effort?

Can Online Courses Help You?

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The answer to this question is not a straightforward “yes” or “no” as a lot of the outcome depends on what you actually do with your newly learned knowledge and skills. Lou Adler, CEO of the Adler Group and hiring expert, believes that online classes can be beneficial for your career development only when you can show employers how the skills & knowledge you obtained in the course could not only boost your performance but also help their business grow.

However, studying online programmes from accredited UK business schools can be positively beneficial for individuals who are already employed and looking for a promotion, said Adler. It can then prove to be rather valuable to your career and help you stay updated about the latest trends in your industry and field. He added,

“If someone is past the entry-level kind of positions, if they're constantly evaluating some of the latest data trends or technical trends related to their position, I would give that person a plus.”

Study Online, Build Your Career 

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So can an online UK business degree be of any help to your career? A new study found that free online courses can actually have a positive impact on your overall career. The recent research found that most of the students who pursued a free MOOC (massive open online course) claim that it helped in their career advancement, either by enabling them to get a new job, land a promotion or start their own business. The authors of the study, published in the Harvard Business Review, wrote “This type of research illustrates the possibilities MOOCs offer to change the educational landscape.”

The study was conducted by professors at the University of Washington and the University of Pennsylvania along with researchers at eLearning platform Coursera, surveyed more than 52,000 individual studying MOOCs. It was found that over 72% students reported their online education helped them in their career development. Among them, 9% of respondents said MOOCs facilitated them in building their startups and around 25 per cent said that their course enabled them to get a new job.

Time To Get Started With A Degree From UK Business Schools

Hence, if you are gearing up to land a new job & it's challenges as well as rise up to managerial roles in your current company or even start a business, then earning an online business degree from a recognised UK Business School can help you to a great extent. You will not only receive high quality education and study in a flexible and convenient way, but you will also get excellent opportunities for career development.

What do you think? Are you studying an online course? Then make sure you share your ideas and experiences with us and add to the discussion.

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Monday, 28 September 2015

Music Education - Can It Turn Children Into Good Listeners & Learners

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Today we can frequently see most students hooked on to their headphones while commuting to schools and colleges or even in their leisure time. This clearly proves a fact that, music has become an integral part of our lives with instant and easy access to the latest tracks view our smartphones and iPods. There is no doubt that music impacts our energy levels and our emotions. It helps us to create various moods and memories and enables us to focus and relax as well. But can we use music in our classrooms to help our students learn better? Let's take a look....
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The Old Way

Classical music may appear boring sometimes to the modern children but it is the healthiest food for the mind. Practising it harder and harder actually can take a learner to different levels which are not only satisfactory from its appearance but are also professional. For example, the learners need to concentrate throughout a concert that enables them to identify both the perfect music or its variation which may prove efficient.

The Musical Way

Music is responsible for the child to be psychologically patient. It has the ability to turn a child from a naughty shouter to a calm listener. Music improves the smartness of the child; makes him/ her stand apart from the others and perform something exceptional and even turns them to a deeper realisation of his/ her own self.

Author Philip Pullman said about music that it is an efficient and required subject. He also comments that music is one of the ‘the most emotionally and intellectually fulfilling’ activity that a child performs.

The Educational Benefits Of Music

The listening skills; non-verbal communicational skills; a stronger understanding of emotion; focusing or concentration; teamwork and many other things are the educational qualities of music. Teachers as well as the parents are getting encouraged by it and its result is the musical projects. Let’s look at the qualities of education, that music provides with:

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  • Listening Power:

Listening skills is one of the powerful impacts of music. It soothes the mind of the learners; makes them patient and improve their audible as well as psychological acceptability.

  • Character Formation:

Music has a strong impact on the building of the character of a child, shaping it in a way that this ‘musical’ effect is always comprehended as a positive feature of the child even in the matured stages.

  • Do more:

‘To go beyond’ is another slogan of music when it comes to education. It helps to the psychological expansion of a candidate. A learner also becomes more expressive with music in his/ her side.

  • Competitive mind:

What about competition? The answer is music also increases the competitive attitude of the learners that results better in both education and life.

How Educators Can Enhance With Music?

  • Build a positive state for learning
  • Establish an ideal atmosphere
  • Create a sense of expectancy & anticipation
  • Make learning activities more invigorating & involving
  • Alter brain wave states
  • Improve focus & concentration in learners

Musically Enriched

The aim should be obvious. Music should never be treated as a commercial object and should be accepted with deep realisation and sincere respect. Children are the future of the society and their ineffective education means the disastrous condition of the country that is yet to come. One of the ways to recover from such catastrophic problem is to implement music as one of the integral elements supporting the base foundation of education.

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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Grow Your Business With Strategic Alliances

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A small business can be transformed into an influential expansion if it had some strategies at the beginning. They are not only responsible for the growth of the business but also valuable for its root foundation in the commercial field. Strategic alliances can advance the number of possibilities for the enrichment of the particular business. These alliances can lead to the spread of business and this improvement proves that strategies can be strengthened more with such collaborative bond.

Mostly Used

It is revealed by a survey that the number of these alliances has grown from 3% to 4% in the past few years. The rapidly improving companies were in these alliances. Another survey was made on the CEO’s of small but randomly developing companies & surprisingly 90% of them were revealed making alliances for their commercial growth.
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Why A Company Would Like To Use Strategic Alliances?

Being in alliance or a healthy partnership means a lot to a small company to its desperate search for the window of opportunities for becoming a notable existence in the future. Let us have a look on these alliances to get a clearer idea of the privileges it provides. Let’s have a look:

Getting The Materials

A healthy partnership provides a small company with all the privileges to the materialistic utilisation of various aspects, important for the growth of it. These important aspects include technology; expertise; production; distribution; marketing and a lot other things. The alliances are not only responsible for the access to these aspects but also help the company in getting those requirements in a cost-effective way as well as a brisk pace.

The Proof

It has been found by the studies that a company can grow faster; expand its productivity and become a lot more improved with allies. The reporting of the higher revenues by the companies than the others is also seen and this solidifies the reason of the utilisation of alliances.

Less Bondage & More Opportunities

The ownership in a partnership never changes hands. Added to that, a skilled entrepreneur can also make his start up a part in several partnerships at the same point of time gaining a lot of ideas; possibilities and many more. It is the time to boost your business with utmost possibility.

United we stand

Another interesting benefit of the effective partnership is that it gains synergy. Any company with some lack can tie up with another to form a more powerful impact. Even tying up with a company having technological enrichment can also be used in any of the mentioned functions such as distribution; marketing and even production.

Let’s Shake Hands 

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There are various kinds of partnerships in the business fields. An internal partnership can show the way towards a cooperative method for business. In this kind of partnership a company can provide market skills and strategies where another one can deliver technology or imported products. Co-operative purchasing; combining research and development; agreement of setting effective technology; co-sponsoring training and joint marketing are all the examples of the fruition of allies.

How To Achieve Competence? Can A Level 5 Diploma Help You?

To obtain the way towards the knowledge of forming and using an effective partnership you will need to follow several practices that will not only improve your start up, but will also empower you to better understand yourself. However, implementing these strategies into your business will require you to have a strong business knowledge. Moreover, you will also need to possess effective management and leadership skills to identify your own strengths and weaknesses. Hence, you must study a purposeful training programme which will boost your leadership, awareness & skills.

I believe one of the best ways to do this is to pursue an Undergraduate Level 5 Extended Diploma in Management online. By studying an online management course you can acquire all the necessary skills and knowledge without investing too much time or money. Thus, you can not only avoid student debt, but you can also manage your time between your work and studies.

Better Care: Better Result

To form good and effective alliances, it is needed to use efficient skills. It is a fact, as the survey says, 3 among 4 corporate alliances proves to be disheartening as it does not create more profit. So, if handled with less care, then it may not turn out to be profitable. An online Level 5 diploma will help you here to gain leadership abilities, understand business better, enhance your focus, and boost your communication skills, creativity & productivity. The matter is that the alliances are the golden opportunity for the success of the companies but the correct and strategic use of them means a lot more than them being the golden opportunity.

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Monday, 14 September 2015

A New Learning Era Begines With Experiential Education

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“Apply your knowledge” – has become the slogan for the modern form of the professional world. You need to demonstrate your skills if you want a better career a firm establishment in it.

In order to stand in front of all the other competitors and raise your head as an exceptional candidate, you have to provide the employers the insight of your technical knowledge as well as your theoretical grasp over the subject.

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The Real Picture

The picture of the professional sphere is quite different than that of the earlier time. The present era is witnessing the skillful implementation of technology in order to get innovative results. So, the employers’ requirements from the employees have also changed. They need their employees to be professional in displaying their technical skills successfully. The employees then are challenged by this growing demand of the employers and they find it more difficult as they face a stronger competition with a greater number of other employees competing with them.

So, your skills will become your assistance. It will effectively equip you with your modern requirements which will help you to get a job defeating the other applicants for a job.

Whoever you are –either an earlier candidate or an experienced professional, highlighting your skills indicates towards your firm establishment in your professional life in the future.

Correct & Coordinating Combination
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You have successfully showed your skills to your employers but you are not able to make a tactful combination of your knowledge and your skills – then you may be at a loss at the professional field. You have got to keep in mind that the part of applying your knowledge actually becomes without the theoretical information. Your combination of theoretical information with your practical methods of implementations will help you to be effectively a sincere professional in your career.

Start To Think About Strategies

Added to that, you must plan something for the correct implementation of your skills otherwise applying the skills in an unplanned way make all your endeavors merely to be not resulting as you May expect it to. So, it is rather important to make some strategies of your own to use in your professional life. It will not only boost up your performance but also will make your employer understand you have the potentials to satisfy their demands from you and that you have some qualities beyond the normal horizon of information.

The Innovative Way Of Learning

That is where the skill-based experiential learning comes. It offers you with a variety of interactive tools by which you learn in such a way that you become able yourself with the technical skills that are of utmost importance. It is learning beyond the form of traditional; learning and it has the ability of taking you to an innovative world where theory meets experience.

Another extra benefit, it enables your narrow your skills gap. This will aim towards the satisfaction of the employers as your professional performance will be relevant to their requirements with innovative learning with you. Besides, it provides you the access to personalised learning method – an interesting tool where you can learn what you particularly want.

Interestingly Innovative Learning

In a word, unconventional and experiential learning enables you with the skills that you need as well as the access to a lot of opportunities. This innovative form of education may require you but you may require it the most.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Hotel Training - Providing Employment Opportunities To Special Students.

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Exception is not absent in this world. The combination of the unstoppable power of will and the strongest determination with desperate attempt makes the impossible to be possible. This can be observed if the example of Claire Burnt, a student of the specialist residential college in Oswestry, Shropshire, is observed.

The Exception

Today the hotel business, whether small or big, is booming fast. Most hotels, restaurants, pubs and casinos are now looking for knowledgeable and well trained professionals constantly who can add more value to their business. Starting your career in this industry is undeniably a great & lucrative career option with constantly enhancing nature of job and boosting salary. Now this gradually booming industry is witnessing a revolution with a project with a national hotel chain.

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Claire Burnt, a famous person on Derwen College campus for setting the rooms at an Inn to the proper standards, has Down’s Syndrome. She has been training once in a week in a Premiere Inn for two years.

She is a student of the mentioned institution, the chief objective of which is to train students with learning disabilities and to make them employed at a national level. The organisation takes 273 special students per year and works with all its sincere and hearty endeavours to benefit its students.

Courageous In Her Attitude

Clair has now decided to move from Worcester to lead a life being completely independent. Her parents are also looking forward in this. She has started a placement in the local premiere Inn at a nearby place and hopes to be employed after its completion. She went to Derwen at the age of 19 and completed her basic education. She stayed there for two more years on its live and work program for gaining vocational skills. On asked about perfect bed-making Burnt comments,

“I do it all by myself, though I have to work hard.”

Who Else Are Inspired Apart From Students? 
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In this process of making students with learning difficulties to be employed, the spectators, seeing such impossible deeds to be made possible by them, are getting inspired. Tracey Bishop, cluster general manager for Chester and Wrexham Premier Inn says: 

“I was so inspired when I first went to Derwen. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. We had been approached by one of the team and were invited to visit. We were all blown away by the passion and commitment of the college staff. We all came away determined to help.”

What Are The Next Steps?

In the last summer the target for the students to fulfill was setting up the replica room. It has not only helped but also made it possible for 11 students to be trained at a standard of premiere Inn. In the next academic year, more 14 students will be trained.

Bishop comments: 

“It has helped enormously with their confidence and helped increase their speed in an environment that they are comfortable with. We know the college wants more students to come to us. They are thinking big.”

The Friend; Philosopher & Guide

There are various other schemes of Derwen like this. This scheme, featured on BBC3 documentary, Life Begins Now, is actually an example which shows the world that the students with learning disabilities can also work as same as the non-disabled persons.

Peter Beresford, professor of social policy at Brunel University, and co-chair of Shaping Our Lives, a service user-led organisation and network, comments:

“If we were living in an ideal world, it would be great if companies like John Lewis and Waitrose had careers for everybody but the real world has a very discriminatory job market. What Derwen is doing is a really positive building block for people with learning disabilities.”

Kaliya Franklin, who co-founded People First England, an advocacy organisation for people with learning disabilities, thinks that this is the inauguration,

“Only 7% of people with learning disabilities have had paid work. There’s a lack of both ambition and opportunity for people with learning disabilities when it comes to paid work and the government making people with learning disabilities poorer will only increase their barriers to work, not help them find employment.”

Determination Defeats Difficulties

This special hotel training provides the people with learning difficulties with a scope to show the world who they really are and such an opportunity should not only be taken but also be used as soon as possible.

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