Monday, 25 May 2015

Getting Rich In America Depends On A Lot More Than A College Degree

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Getting educated is not the only factor in getting wealthy. It is traditionally believed that education will make one knowledgeable and skilled enough to get a job and excel through ranks, to achieve financial success. But, practically, if the demand is not at par with supply (i.e., if there are too many applicants for fewer posts), then getting a job in accordance with qualification becomes an unrealistic dream. Pragmatically speaking, the job market has to be there and, jobs and posts have to be created to employ many people of the same training and skill.

Traditional education and entrepreneurship

Traditional education, making a typical stereotypical practitioner of some specialization out of a person, was never good enough in making a successful entrepreneur. A person, who has creativity, innovation, originality and novel insightful assimilation, takes wise, intelligent and effective decisions that will always keep him special one, steps ahead & unreachable for the typical commoner.


Still the belief that education helps in wise financial decision-making in building a lucrative career, is taking the obvious and counter-intuitive hit from emerging facts in modern research that were previously carefully hidden, deliberately, behind some wishful popular utopic idea. In a recent research by researchers William Emmons and Bryan Noeth of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, it is shown that the family background, inheritance of wealth (if there is any) and factors emerging out of the accident of birth of the individual, play a crucial role in the upcoming financial accomplishment in life. Education "is important, but it's not the whole story," says Emmons, a senior economic adviser at the St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank. Family background factors, like : the class the person belongs to, the income of the parents, the educational environment of home- all play decisive roles in this inherently divisive class-based society.

Not all factors are in hand, when a first-generation learner goes to the school without any domestic help or environment for education in home, for example.

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 Racial disparity

Certain racial groups lag behind others in educational and consecutively subsequent financial achievements, due to socio-economic factors.

Hard fate for non-graduates 

In a country like US, where the government acts strong in enrolling maximum number of people in graduate courses, those who lag behind in getting a college degree suffer further in life in pursuit of a well-to-do status. An interesting piece of statistics says : the odds of becoming millionaires for a family headed by someone 40 or older without a high school diploma were 1 in 110 in 2013, compared to 1 in 2.6 for a family headed by someone with a graduate or professional degree.

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Gender difference in earning 

Gender difference plays a role as well, as women are doing better than their male counter-parts in every level of education. However, unfortunately they are not getting paid salaries matching their male colleagues, keeping them away from full participation in economic growth.

All in all, evidently enough, education is losing its determining status in achieving financial success, in social consciousness following practical facts of the reality in ground.

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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Online Education & Its Environmental Benefits - A Distinguished Angle

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As the use of computers and electronic devices increase in telecommunication (for the purposes of education and office work), the issue of ergonomics is coming in the forefront more and more. Ergonomics is the study of machine (computer) – user interface, to make a user-friendly environment, that will increase productivity in office work and performance in education.
Online education, bringing the discussion of ergonomics in the use of computers and internet in educating people, can give one the preferential opportunity to read and learn on his or her own pace. It is convenient and gives a personalized experience. It is the same for education and professional life.

However, have you ever thought of the environmental benefits that online education provides with? Replacing the traditional classroom education, it makes the building and maintenance of physical infrastructure for education irrelevant. Today the online environment eliminates the toxic waste produced in the manufacturing of the mentioned physical infrastructure and reduces environmental pollution. Conserves natural resources as well, from unnecessary and avoidable use.
The following are the prominent environmental benefits of online education :

Preservation of natural resources

Building a building, which is an essential part of the physical infrastructure, requires a lot of energy for the generation and reservation of power and heat. Carbon dioxide generated by energy consumption for each of the classroom students is more than 22 times higher than that of an online student. The Design Innovation Group (DIG) of Open Universities in U.K. found that online education reduces the comsumption of energy upto 90 percent, compared to traditional education. The following are the list of a couple of more elements of or by nature, that can be protected and preserved from unnecessary use.

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Students of traditional education, who use their vehicles for even a couple of classes in a distant educational institute, uses gas as fuel , even for improper causes like speeding or waiting in traffic, even during wandering in car in a park while texting simultaneously.

Less use of vehicles that is only possible availing online education, reduces vehicle damage and damage on local roads as well.

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Paper is an essential need for homework and classwork in classroom education. Online education reduces the use of paper dramatically. As long as the use of paper is there, the rate of acceleration in deforestation will remain astronomically intense. Online education with its virtual mode, makes the ‘necessary evil’ in education unnecessary.

Reduction of pollution

Materials like plastic, that are an essential part of building construction, can be avoided through opting online education, protecting environment from further pollution. Also, the reduction in emission of polluting gases emitted from vehicles used in transportation and commutation of students to educational institutes, reduces pollution.

Online education can be beneficial to students in many ways, and it can add to environmental protection as well.

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Friday, 8 May 2015

New advancement for Online Students, with the use of Apps

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In a natural evolution from printed books to online study materials, with the emergence of online courses, students are finding it much easier to continue their academic studies alongside other household responsibilities, even jobs. Simultaneously, they are taking the responsibility of daily practical life and remaining engaged in their own academic pursuit. Apps, the application softwares specifically designed to address the peculair case-based needs of users, are helping out college students in their studies in online courses. This is only possible in the virtual environment of the internet, be it via mobile or conventional computer, where information can be produced just by typing and due to elegant solution of information technology, can be transmitted just in a click of a button without the hazards of outdated print and distribution mode.

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Study and the use of Apps

Study has many aspects. First a standard study-material is given, based on that reference, new research and novel information opens up new information and the mind along with it. Synthesis from thesis, anti-thesis .. reconciliation between seemingly contradictory information, marks the progress in study and essesnce of it, for enlightenment. Apps, practically help in all that. Providing basic text and the management of it, along with research tools to investigate more, brings with it the need to manage all these in short time. That time management facility is provided by the same Apps as well. 

A convenient list 
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The following are the names of some of the most widely used Apps, that provide solutions of various obstacles faced by students .. making it a complete package all-in-all.

  • Self-control

The first App that comes in mind is Self-control, that's appropriate for it's name. It blocks the distracting websites, and helps the student to focus on study, making it much more deep and efficient.

  • Luminosity

Luminosity is designed by neuroscientists, for students, for honig their skills. In sharpens the students and keeps them in that shape, with continuous interactive games, that are scientifically designed specifically keeping in mind the improvement of thinking ability, focus, concentration and other cognitive necessities, that are instrumental in achieving academic success.

  • Socrative

Socrative is a similar App, that uses riddles and intelligent questions to promote objective thinking, required for acquiring knowledge and understanding. It's also a made-easy, that allows posting of anonymous questions by students, simplifying complex theories.

  • Knowledge

Knowledge is another one, that provides information on subjects starting from mathematics, to the core science of chemistry .. to the social sciences of arts. It lives upto its name, providing comprehensive knowledge that can be used whenever the time comes.

  • Equate Formula Solver

Concluding the list, comes Equate Formula Solver, a personal choice,that's an encyclopaedic coverage of math fomulas, and related fields like chemistry and physics. Apart from confirming answers, it provides help when the problem seems unsolvable.

Apart from the mentioned, there are countless other that provide practical help in submitting assignments sometimes, or working as manual for Photoshop use. In it's current state, Apps seem an essential tool in this state-of-the-art age of online education.

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