Friday, 12 February 2016

Digitisation of Education will Continue to Enhance Modern Learning System

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Modern education offers many avenues to the learners ranging from school children to the professionals. Technology based education is thriving in the classroom learning across the institutes globally. Similarly, advanced learning techs have allowed students and professionals to take higher students via online distance learning. Both, predominantly, is benefiting its learners. In the last few years blended learning and online education has tremendously gained momentum as education think tanks have realised its essence. Take blended learning for example, here students take half of the education at classroom and rest is delivered via e-learning. Besides, also known as hybrid learning most advance digital cloud based learning tools which delivers world class new age education to the students. On the other side, taking higher education via online learning is incredible. It's flexible, convenient, cost effective and is valued by the global employers as well. Considered as boon for the professionals, online learning, can engage to obtain the new skill to update their knowledge without quitting the existing job. Let's see what experts predict for the future of the ed-techs and online learning.

Three are key

Tailor made or personalised learning, gamification and social media will play the significant role in imparting education effectively. Personalised learning will consistently improve and fine-tune that will allow the learners to focus profoundly to their learning for personal and professional development. Gamification has been effective in enticing the learner to stay engaged to learning and reduce drop out rates. Besides, it has been utilised to embolden the students to remain consistent at the learning activities. Moreover, it'll be interesting to see more use of social media for the enhancement web based and blended learning.

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The 3As

Access, agency and authenticity are believed to be there the essential trend in 2016 and probably in the years to come. Expert says that access to learning will be increased by the educational institutes to enhance students participation to learning. Educational institutes, learning communities and other learning agencies across the world will greatly contrive digital education tools to impart actual, pertinent and authentic learning instead of carrying out with traditional learning.

Engaging with mobile, virtual classroom & blended learning

There is no doubt that mobile techs like the smartphone will engage millions to e-learning. And virtual classroom will educate learners facilitating the meaningful learning. And to advance the campus education, blended learning will be incorporated.

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Enhancing the level of education

Education technology is advancing every day. And it seems that new learning techs will come to the existence or the existing will updated with new features. wearable gadgets or device technology that can be worn by a learner accessing learning would come up to benefit the teachers and the students. Augmented reality based learning will bring new attribute to the learning. Augmented Reality allows teachers and learners decode or design level of digital learning which can be viewed from smart mobile techs of iOS and android. Besides, it's also predicted that 3D printing, will, which already is the advantage of digital learning, evolve further.

Trends to rise

According to the industry, experts user generated contents and learning reasoning or analytic will increase. It is apprehended that SMEs in commerce will partake information that will help the people associated with learning and development to concentrate on enriching their contribution like their experts and seniors.

Digitisation of learning

This trend of digitalization of learning will continue. Online learning will flourish further. This flexible learning will ensure predominant engagement of the students to the e-learning.

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New age education is booming

Our world is increasingly designing new techs which will add amazing features to the modern education system. I cannot overrule the fact that above predictions by the experts are not the fluke but a calculated observation based on their experience. So, I am keeping my finger crossed and wish the predications materialise in reality.

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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

How to Improve Research Skill of The Learners

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Introduction to online education and teaching

Online education has proved to be a booming factor towards the growth of education. Students no longer need to travel distances in order to get their pre-binding course materials. What they need to do is just browse sites with a click. Apart from these benefits, the pool of information almost comes free of cost and also both the scholars and the learners could get in touch with each other at any point of time. The educational websites are made available 7 days a week, 24 hours in a day and 365 days in a year. In short, online education and teaching have taken the value of education to a new level.

Growth of online education

With the introduction of MOOC in online studies, the growth of online education is on its way. According to recent surveys, more and more people have registered themselves to this type of online learning named MOOC. New online courses have been launched in 2015, and the students who have opted for atleast one course have crossed millions. At the beginning MOOC introducted itself in colleges for online learning but now it's expansion has reached beyond limits. Long term courses have been broken down in semesters and materials of the courses have been so arranged as to fit the busy schedule of thew learners.

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Prediction or strategy for digital education

Since online or digital education are now days booming in the education sector, several predictions and strategies have been adopted in order to keep the pace intact.

  • Among the many predictions or strategies for digital learning, personalised learning and learning through the help of social media sites are the most effective.
  • Access and authenticity is another most important factor to stay updated in digital learning. Student must be able to get proper access to expert learning sites so that they can get benefitted from the same. Learners must be duly authenticated.
  • Blended study and mobile learning also helps keeping up modernisation to an extent. Education apps are available mostly in mobile phones and tablets and learners do not need to sit in front of their pcs to go to study centres for the course. Provided authentication is there, they can anytime download education apps and stay connected. Blended learning has indeed changed the meaning of traditional face to face learning.

Ways to improve the research skills of online learners

While teaching online is advantageous in many ways, capability of the learners to research for the subject is very important as a part of the study. In order to encourage the same, enquiry models are constructed by the educators to facilitate learners look for more. Enquiry models are kind of curiosity infrastructure build by teachers to encourage the participants to solve problems, analyse equations and grow interest to find something new.

Inference gathered

Online mode of study has become one of the most effective form of learning these days. Digital learning help learners stay updated with growing innovations and technology. However while online learning is beneficial, strategies have also taken to encourage the students participate and research well for their subjects. This way the mode of learning will see its future along with more and more adventure with the growing technology.

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