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Women Education: Marching Forward Facing Challenges

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The education for women is utmost essential. Literate women are playing the key role in the economy across the societies. Their role is not restricted in making crucial business strategies but in National and International politics, Government & administration, Science & Technology, Education and so on. Today, women take center stage in taking the crucial decision in different walks of life. But, despite the massive awareness campaign still humans are yet to achieve full success in educating the women/girls. Still, at different parts of the world, girls are deprived of education. The threat of deprivation of education to the girls leaves them vulnerable to threats of life like- self-development, financial independence and gender inequality. To our concern, it creates an adverse impact on the societies, affecting the social development.

Knowledge Is Key To Sustainability

The indifference, inequality and ignorance towards women/girls could be put to an end with literacy. World needs far reaching policy for women progress and safety. They should be allowed to hold key position (family, organisations etc.) to make crucial decisions. And this is possible when we allow them to take education for self enhancement. Every country should step forward to ensure that no girl child is deprived of education. It should also take initiative and to provide key elementary knowledge to the illiterate women. The State, women welfare groups and other agencies should collaborate to ensure that every girl child receives education to earn deserving position in life. So that for demanding girls education no young girl like Malala Yousafzai takes bullets.
The Nobel Laureate in her book I am Malala wrote, "One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world."
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We all anticipate that the outlook towards women and girl would change some day. And with knowledge this perception towards females could be eradicated. Hence, irrespective of challenges, policy makers across the globe have to ensure that no girl is left behind in the movement of enlightenment.


Women Taking The Front Seat

In the fair race of opportunity, women have outsmarted men. In the UK compare to men, women prefer to take higher education. According to the UCAS, the university admission service, further, 35% of more women take university education than men. It's evident from the annual admission figures that women have robust desire to earn the high education. The trend of females taking higher education is not restricted to the UK alone. In other parts of the world too, the number of female students in the university has significantly increased. The globalisation of education has also played a key role for women to take higher studies. Today, to take university level education, women fly from their homeland to foreign land to join education programmes at different universities.

Educating Girls: The Challenges

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Though there are a plenty of constant efforts being made by the state and private agencies to educate girls, there are still few challenges. Social and economic factors have forced many women/girls to quit education. In some societies families with poor fiscal prefer to send boy over girl to school. Due to unstable finance of the family the girl child takes work or forced to marry at early age which further ceases learning scope. At schools, Girls face few problems like lack of separate sanitation facility. In many schools, in different countries, there is dearth of lack of toilet for girls. There are issues related to the school's learning environment are sometimes pointed out as less favourable for female students. It's presumed that at unfavourable learning environment girls are exposed to violence. Apart from the issues related to the school's infrastructure and environment the lack of female teachers also remain a big hurdle for the education administrators to bring girls to school.

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Neither Down, Nor Out

Though there are challenges and obstacles, women of new age knows how to deal with it. Despite the odds of life and financial limitations, modern girls are defiant to achieve their ultimate goal. During the process, they face many problems but the commitment and devotion keep them engaged to their purpose. Today, we have women leaders who have outperformed men in different fields.

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