Friday, 11 July 2014

The Strain of Creativity is Dominating over UK Education Scenario

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The legacy of UK education can be truly sustained when its spirit of creativity would be kept intact. The nation has a glorious educational heritage in various spheres of studies. Be it in science and technology, arts and designs, legal studies, business management, the UK has already announced its profound magnitude of superiority over the world.

But, the economy of the UK currently requires more emphasis on science and technology, engineering and math, so far CBI report points out. It also stresses on more and more girls for coming into the sphere of technology, instead of sticking to usual feminine arts subjects. When it is said, however, the focus on other areas of studies is not, at all, intended to ignore. Rather, the significance of gender inequality in the field of science and technology is highlighted intensely, as science and technology has been currently reported as the nation’s ladder to success.

Creative Notes are All Around
Since, the UK has been long considered as one of the leading countries in science, initiatives are always on the nation’s part to keep up this standard intact, and even making it better. Still, one essential feature in any sphere of study the UK displays is its urge for creativity. This is equally true in terms of studies in science and technology as it is in the other fields of studies.

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In the areas of art and designing or literature, the nation has successfully retained the mark of excellence throughout the ages, and still people aspire to make their ways to study here the excellent piece of subjects on art and craft. In the words of up-and-coming Chinese jewellery designer Octavia Yang, “When I think sushi I think Japan and when I think design and art I think London.” Art and design graduates from UK schools and universities are constantly demonstrating their superior specialities over their peers. Evidence of it is quite plenty in the number of products from UK educational institutes, who are coming up as Oscar-winners,showbiz attractions and more.

 Creativity is Making UK Industries Grow
 The creative and cultural industry of the UK is the second largest in the world, and is the fastest growing
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sector of the UK economy, which is worth £8 million per hour and accounting for 5.6% of jobs. Creative ecosystem in UK industries is responsible for generating huge wealth, attracting fantastic investment, advancing to urban regeneration and augmenting the nation’s international prestige.

Growth in Employment
Not just that, in a time of job crisis all around the world, this sort of industries is producing exciting opportunities of for talented young people. Seeing this huge potentiality of employment-creation, UK schools, colleges and universities are now too eager to include subjects on art, design and performance in their curricula. This sort attitude looks promising to take a sharp upturn from the situation during 2010-13, when the number of students taking arts GCSEs fell by 14%.
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The new evaluation of GCSEs art and design readily includes art and design subjects like textiles, 3D and graphic design, photography etc. The incessant thirst for creativity is watered intensely with such measures from UK academics, and as said late Steve Jobs, “It’s technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields us the result that makes our heart sing,” UK education is truly advancing towards a dimension where creativity is dominating every sphere of knowledge.

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